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2018 recipients Matthew Rosso and Kieran Todd & 2019 recipients Erin Rogers and Tanaka Chavanduka

Continuing to support promising & innovative research in sexual and reproductive health with small project funding for Center staff.

Following the success of the first Janet Gatherer Boyles Small Project Support Fund for Sexual and Reproductive Health in 2018, we are excited to announce the 2019 grant awardees, Erin Rogers and Tanaka Chavanduka, who will be launching research projects in July 2019. Learn about Erin and Tanaka's research projects here and read more about the success of this small project support funding here.

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Project Caboodle explores the acceptability and feasibility of self-collecting at home and returning by mail all, some, or none of the following five biological specimens: (i) finger-stick blood sample, (ii) pharyngeal swab, (iii) urine specimen, (iv) rectal swab, and (v) hair sample, among 100 high-risk, HIV-negative or unknown status US MSM (18-34 years, 50 black and 50 white) recruited through social networking websites and mobile gay dating apps.

A second phase of in-depth interviews from a sample of participants will collect qualitative data about participant's experiences in the study.

Demographic and Behavioral Profiles of Nonbinary and Binary Transgender Youth

Oct 2019

Kieran Todd, Sarah M. Peitzmeier, Shanna K. Kattari, Michael Miller-Peruse, Akshay Sharma, and Rob Stephenson

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