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Publications from The Center for Sexuality 

and Health Disparities


28 November 2018

Help Seeking Behavior among Women Who Report Intimate Partner Violence in Afghanistan: an Analysis of the 2015 Afghanistan Demographic and Health Survey

Nicholas Metheny, Rob Stephenson

28 November 2018

Contextualising sexual health practices among lesbian and bisexual women in Jamaica: a multi-methods study

Carmen H. Logie, Natania Marcus, Ying Wang, Ashley Lacombe-Duncan, Kandasi Levermore, Nicolette Jones, Nicolette Bryan, Robin Back & Annecka Marshall

31 October 2018

Randomised controlled trial of incentives to improve online survey completion among internet-using men who have sex with men

Eric Hall, Travis Sanchez, Rob Stephenson, Aryeh D Stein, Robert Craig Sineath, Maria Zlotorzynska, Patrick Sullivan

27 September 2018

Distribution of HIV Self-tests by HIV-Positive Men Who Have Sex with Men to Social and Sexual Contacts

Laura Wesolowski, Pollyanna Chavez, Patrick Sullivan, Arin Freeman, Akshay Sharma, Brian Mustanski, A. D. McNaghten & Robin MacGowan.

27 September 2018

Behaviour change techniques in brief interventions to prevent HIV, STI and unintended pregnancies: A systematic review

Sofia De Vasconcelos , Igor Toskin, Bergen Cooper, Marie Chollier, Rob Stephenson, Karel Blondeel, Thierry Troussier & James Kiarie.

20 September 2018

Clinically significant depressive symptoms among a diverse sample of same-sex male couples in Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago: An analysis of individual- and dyadic-level factors

Marco A. Hidalgo , PhD, Nicolas A. Suarez , BS, Robert Garofalo , MD , MPH, Samuel Hoehnle , BA, Jennie Thai , BA, Matthew J. Mimiaga , ScD , MPH, Emily Brown , BA, Patrick S. Sullivan , PhD , DVM, Anna Bratcher , MSPH, Taylor Wimbly , MPH & Rob Stephenson , MSc , PhD.

10 September 2018

Rural Primary Care Providers’ Experiences and Knowledge Regarding LGBTQ Health in a Midwestern State

John Shaver, BSN, Akshay Sharma, PhD, Rob Stephenson, PhD.

18 August 2018

HIV and Sexuality Stigma Reduction Through Engagement in Online Forums: Results from the HealthMPowerment Intervention

J. A. Bauermeister, K. E. Muessig, S. LeGrand, D. D. Flores, S. K. Choi, W. Dong, G. Sallabank & L. B. Hightow-Weidman.

6 August 2018

Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Mental Health, and Bullying as Predictors of Partner Violence in a Representative Sample of Youth

N. Eugene Walls Ph.D, Brittanie Atteberry-Ash M.S.W, Shanna K. Kattari Ph.D, Sarah Peitzmeier Ph.D, Leo Kattari M.S.W, Lisa Langenderfer-Magruder Ph.D

27 July 2018

Birth Cohort Variations Across Functional Knowledge of HIV Prevention Strategies, Perceived Risk, and HIV-Associated Behaviors Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men in the United States

Sharma A, Kahle EM, Sullivan SP & Stephenson R.

02 July 2018

Syndemic Vulnerability and Condomless Sex Among Incarcerated Men in Mexico City: A Latent Class Analysis

Christine Bourey, Rob Stephenson & Sergio Bautista-Arredondo

13 June 2018

Beyond “purposeful and planned”: varied trajectories of healthcare transition from pediatric to adult-oriented care among youth living with HIV

Sophia A. Hussen, Rana Chakraborty, Andres Camacho-Gonzalez, Berthine Njiemoun, Emily Grossniklaus, Emma Goodstein, Rob Stephenson & Carlos del Rio

23 May 2018

Relationship Characteristics and Dyadic Approaches to HIV Health-Enhancing Behaviours Among a Sample of Same-Sex Male Couples From Three U.S. Cities

Jessica Marsack, Erin Kahle, Nicolas A. Suarez, Matthew J. Mimiaga, Robert Garofalo, Emily Brown, Anna Marie Bratcher, Taylor Wimbly, Marco A. Hidalgo, Samuel Hoehnle, Jennie Thai, Patrick S. Sullivan and Rob Stephenson

21 May 2018

HIV Prioritization and Risk Perception Among an Online Sample of Men Who Have Sex With Men in the United States

Erin M. Kahle, Akshay Sharma, Stephen P. Sullivan, Rob Stephenson

11 May 2018

Dyadic Reporting of Intimate Partner Violence Among Male Couples in Three U.S. Cities

Nicolas A Suarez, Matthew J Mimiaga, Robert Garofalo, Emily Brown, Anna Marie Bratcher, Taylor Wimbly, Marco A Hidalgo, Samuel Hoehnle, Jennie Thai, Erin Kahle, Patrick S Sullivan, Rob Stephenson

30 April 2018

Intervention to Increase HIV Testing Among Substance-Using Young Men Who Have Sex With Men: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial

Rob Stephenson, PhD ;  Erin E Bonar, PhD ;  Adam Carrico, PhD ;  Alexis Hunter, MA ;  Daniel Connochie, MPH ;  Rebecca Himmelstein, BA ;  Jose Bauermeister, MPH, PhD

12 April 2018

Identifying bottlenecks in the iron and folic acid supply chain in Bihar, India: a mixed-methods study

Amanda S. Wendt, Rob Stephenson, Melissa F. Young, Pankaj Verma, Sridhar Srikantiah, Amy Webb-Girard, Carol J. Hogue, Usha Ramakrishnan and Reynaldo Martorell

4 April 2018

Social Capital, Depressive Symptoms, and HIV Viral Suppression Among Young Black, Gay, Bisexual and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men Living with HIV

Sophia A. Hussen, Kirk A. Easley, Justin C. Smith, Neeta Shenvi, Gary W. Harper, Andres F. Camacho-Gonzalez, Rob Stephenson and Carlos del Rio

2 April 2018

Community influences on modern contraceptive use among young women in low and middle-income countries: a cross-sectional multi-country analysis

Massy Mutumba, Eliud Wekesa and Rob Stephenson

April 2018

HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Program Implementation Using Intervention Mapping

Charlene A. Flash, MD, MPH, Elizabeth L.T. Frost, LMSW, MPH, Thomas P.Giordano, MD, MPH, K. Rivet Amico, PhD, Jeffrey A. Cully, PhD, Christine M .Markham, PhD

28 March 2018

Intimate Partner Violence and Uptake of Antenatal Care: A Scoping Review of Low- and Middle-Income Country Studies

Nicholas Metheny and Rob Stephenson

27 March 2018

HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis: A Review

James Riddell IV, MD; K. Rivet Amico, PhD; Kenneth H. Mayer, MD

27 March 2018

In what circumstances could nondaily preexposure prophylaxis for HIV substantially reduce program costs?

Mitchell, Kate M.; Dimitrov, Dobromir; Hughes, James P.; Xia, Fan; Donnell, Deborah; Amico, K. Rivet; Bokoch, Kevin; Chitwarakorn, Anupong; Bekker, Linda-Gail; Holtz, Timothy H.; Mannheimer, Sharon; Grant, Robert M.; Boily, Marie-Claude

25 March 2018

Skating on thin ice: stimulant use and sub‐optimal adherence to HIV pre‐exposure prophylaxis

J Carlo Hojilla  David Vlahov  David V Glidden  K Rivet Amico  Megha Mehrotra  Robert Hance Robert M Grant  Adam W Carrico

21 March 2018

Training social workers to enhance patient-centered care for drug-resistant TB-HIV in South Africa

J. R. Zelnick, B. Seepamore, A. Daftary, K. R. Amico, X. Bhengu, G. Friedland, N. Padayatchi, K. Naidoo, and M. R. O'Donnell

16 March 2018

Correlates of domestic violence experience among recently-married women residing in slums in Pune, India

Ameeta S. Kalokhe , Sandhya R. Iyer, Ambika R. Kolhe, Sampada Dhayarkar, Anuradha Paranjape, Carlos del Rio, Rob Stephenson, Seema Sahay

8 March 2018

Assessing effects of behavioral intervention on treatment outcomes among patients initiating HIV care: Rationale and design of iENGAGE intervention trial

R.Modi, K.R.Amico, A.Knudson, A.O.Westfall J.Keruly, H.M.Crane, E.B.Quinlivan, C.Golin, J.Willig, A.Zinski, R.Moore, S.Napravnik, L.Bryan, M.S.Saag, M.J.Mugavero

1 March 2018

Development and Piloting of a Home-Based Couples Intervention During Pregnancy and Postpartum in Southwestern Kenya

Turan Janet M. , Darbes Lynae A. , Musoke Pamela L. , Kwena Zachary , Rogers Anna Joy , Hatcher Abigail M. , Anderson Jami L. , Owino George , Helova Anna , Weke Elly , Oyaro Patrick , and Bukusi Elizabeth A

1 March 2018

A Mobile Health Strategy to Support Adherence to Antiretroviral Preexposure Prophylaxis

Fuchs Jonathan D. , Stojanovski Kristefer , Vittinghoff Eric , McMahan Vanessa M. , Hosek Sybill G. , Amico K. Rivet , Kouyate Aminta , Gilmore Hailey J. , Buchbinder Susan P. , Lester Richard T. , Grant Robert M. , and Liu Albert Y.

21 February 2018

Men’s hopes, fears and challenges in engagement in perinatal health and the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in rural Kenya

Pamela Musoke, Abigail Hatcher, Anna Joy Rogers, Lillian Achiro, Elizabeth Bukusi, Lynae Darbes, Zachary Kwena, Patrick Oyaro, Elly Weke & Janet M. Turan

February 2018

Advantages to Using Social-Behavioral Models of Medication Adherence in Research and Practice

K. Rivet Amico, M. Mugavero, Marie A. Krousel-Wood, Hayden B. Bosworth and Jessica S. Merlin

February 2018

Perceptions of HIV Self-Testing Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in the United States: A Qualitative Analysis

Arin E. Freeman, MPH, Patrick Sullivan, PhD, Darrel Higa, PhD, Akshay Sharma, PhD, Robin MacGowan, MPH, Sabina Hirshfield, PhD, George J. Greene, PhD, Laura Gravens, MPH, Pollyanna Chavez, PhD, A. D. McNaghten, PhD, Wayne D. Johnson, PhD, Brian Mustanski, PhD, eSTAMP Study Group

23 January 2018

Functional Knowledge of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Prevention Among Participants in a Web-Based Survey of Sexually Active Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men: Cross-Sectional Study.

Kahle EM, Sullivan S, Stephenson R.

22 January 2018

Gay and Bisexual Men’s Perceptions of HIV Risk in Various Relationships

John Shaver, Ryan Freeland, Tamar Goldenberg, Rob Stephenson

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