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Shine Incentives

We appreciate your participation and want to help explain the research incentives. 

Since this is a national and online study, we use virtual gift cards through Dash. This means the card is processed by both the university's financial department as well as Dash. This can cause delays, so we have created this page to answer your questions. 

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Incentives are associated with completed milestones and are entirely virtual. Cards are not reloaded and can't be used for physical purchases.


An email will be sent from with details on how to register your card. The card will not have funds on it until it is processed and loaded. As such, we cannot guarantee when the incentive will be available to be used. 


It can take up to eight business days for funds to become available following the initial request. This includes a delay from when the card is registered to when the funds are loaded. The card will not be usable for purchases until the funds are made available. 


If you have not received or activated your card, you can email: 

If you have activated your card, you will need to contact Dash. Please have your 16 digit card number available.

Phone: 833-848-5768


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