Alexis Hunter, MA

Project Manager

Alexis S. Hunter is Project Manager for SWERVE. Alexis earned her BA from Michigan State University with specializations in Health Promotion and Bioethics, Humanities, and Society. She completed her MA in Community Psychology and Social Change at the Pennsylvania State University. Prior to joining the center, she worked within an urban-metropolitan university with health and racial disparities in chronic diseases (asthma, diabetes, and HIV/STI).

Alexis is passionate about her work within health and racial disparities, social identity, sexuality, and HIV/AIDS prevention and intervention. She has extensive experience as a qualitative researcher, working inside urban communities. She has worked as a HIV test counselor and prevention specialist in the Metro Detroit Area as well as a coordinator for a non-profit organization that assists men with substance use and mental health disorders with recovery services. She is interested in how research can be used to effectively foster change on micro and macro levels.