Kieran Todd

Project Manager

Kieran is currently a Project Manager for Empower, an NIH-funded pilot project seeking to examine intimate partner violence among trans folks in their relationships. They also manage the Binding Research to Advance Trans Masculine Health Cohort, a project dedicated to understanding the effects of binding on trans masculine folks. Kieran earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy from Michigan State University and will be graduating with their Masters in Public Health in August of 2020.


Prior to joining the Center, Kieran has worked in multiple capacities involving equitable and inclusive economic development policy, and housing affordability. They have worked in the Michigan House of Representatives as well as a research institute dedicated to solving policy problems in the State of Michigan. Kieran brings with them a passion for achieving equity and access to healthcare for people marginalized by their identity and/or status. 

Their research interests include reproductive issues for trans folks, constructions of masculinity in non-men and how that influences their health behavior and outcomes, and nonbinary health needs.