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Dr. Rob Stephenson, named as the Sylvia S. Hacker Collegiate Professor of Nursing & Sexual Health

Please join us in congratulating Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities Director and University of Michigan School of Nursing Professor, Dr. Rob Stephenson on being named the Sylvia S. Hacker Collegiate Professor of Nursing and Sexual Health. This appointment recognizes Dr. Stephenson’s as an internationally renowned scholar in sexual and reproductive health.

He has made particularly large contributions to research and practice in HIV prevention, including pioneering couple’s HIV test counselling. His has made significant contribution to researching the intersection between violence and health. His portfolio also includes work in women’s sexual and reproductive health, focusing on maternal health issues in resource poor countries and the effect of gender inequity.

Professor Stephenson named the award for Sylvia S. Hacker upon researching her contribution to sexuality in nursing, “She was one of the first people to talk about sexuality in nursing classes in the 1980s. So, I knew she was a perfect match.”

Professor Hacker was a faculty member at the School of Nursing from 1975 to 1993. She was well known and respected for her forthrightness and ability to stimulate and manage constructive dialogue on sexuality in secondary schools, colleges and universities, and community organizations. She hosted a community access call-in television program, "Sexy Minutes” and co-authored the book “What Teenagers REALLY Want to Know About Sex” with her daughter*.

We are proud to recognize this appointment for Professor Stephenson and to celebrate the continued presence of sexuality at the forefront of nursing and health sciences research.

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