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Research Projects

Completed Research Projects


Couples Health and Attitudes on Prevention

Couples Health and Attitude on Prevention Study (CHAPS), is an online survey that aims to examine how individual, dyadic, social network and community factors shape  HIV prevention activities. The study’s goal is to recruit a diverse sample of 800 men or 400 male couples from across the United States.

Findings from this study will help inform the development of effective HIV prevention messaging for gay men

Principal Investigator(s): Rob Stephenson 

Study Team:                      Stephen Sullivan & Tanaka Chavanduka

Flourish logo 500x500.png

Project Flourish is an online University of Michigan study that aims to understand preferences and usage of HIV prevention services. 

Principal Investigator(s): Erin Kahle & Akshay Sharma

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The study is a collaborative effort between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (National Center for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STI, and TB Prevention, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Prevention Research Branch), Emory University, the University of Michigan and Public Health Solutions.

The project will be looking at the use, acceptability, and effectiveness of tailored mobile application messages to cisgendered gay and bisexual men across three sites, including: Atlanta, New York City, and Detroit.

Principal Investigator(s): Rob Stephenson 

Project Manager:             Erin Rogers

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Project Moxie is an online study that measures HIV knowledge and focuses on the uptake of HIV testing of transgender youth . The study asks trans youth to receive an at-home HIV-testing kit that will be mailed to an address of their choice and then they will report their results. Over a period of a year, participants are asked to take five surveys.

Principal Investigator(s): Rob Stephenson 

Study Team:                      Kieran todd

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Project Nexus is a national online trial that seeks to understand how telemedicine could improve HIV testing and reduce risk among gay and bisexual male couples. Funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the project will send at-home HIV test kits to male couples across the United States and then remotely counsel them in their own home using a HIPAA compliant video call service

Principal Investigator(s): Rob Stephenson 

Project Manager:             Stephen Sullivan


Consistent with the National HIV/AIDS Prevention Plan’s call to reduce new HIV infections by intensifying prevention efforts in communities where HIV is most heavily concentrated, we propose to integrate a substance use intervention as part of standard HIV prevention and care services in the Detroit Metro, Ann Arbor, and Flint Areas. This trial will yield important information on delivery of substance use brief intervention in community-based settings as a potentially scalable approach to increasing HIV engagement in care among high-risk substance using YMSM ages 15-29.

Principal Investigator(s): Rob Stephenson

Project Manager:             Jayelin Parker


Viva aims to understand the willingness and preferences of people to receive different kinds of HIV tests in dental care settings. The research will improve the understanding of people’s preferences to utilize HIV prevention services in non-traditional settings. 

Co-Principal Investigator(s): Akshay Sharma

Project Manager:              Matthew Rosso

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